Peterloo Poets

Poetry Publishers 1972 - 2009

From me to you: Love Poems
Poems by U. A. Fanthorpe & R.V. Bailey
Drawings by Nick Wadley

From me to youBorn in Kent in 1929, U.A. FANTHORPE was head of English at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, and then ‘became a middle-aged drop-out in order to write’, publishing her first collection Side Effects in 1978. After working as a hospital clerk in Bristol, she was the Arts Council Literary Fellow at Lancaster, and in 1994 she was the first woman to be nominated for the post of Professor of Poetry at Oxford. Her nine volumes of poetry are all published by Peterloo Poets, her Selected Poems was published by Penguin in 1986 and her Christmas Poems were jointly published by Enitharmon Press and Peterloo Poets in 2002. She has also written children’s poetry for The Crystal Zoo. U.A. Fanthorpe was awarded the CBE in 2001 and the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 2003, the same year in which her Collected Poems (Peterloo) was published.

R.V. BAILEY was born in Northumberland and has worked as cafeteria assistant, librarian, information officer, teacher, counsellor, and latterly as director of undergraduate courses in Humanities at the University of the West of England, Bristol. She is the other voice in poetry recordings by U.A. Fanthorpe (Awkward Subject, Double Act, Poetry Quartet 5), and has published a pamphlet, Course Work (Culverhay Press, 1997) and a full collection with Peterloo, Marking Time (2004).

As well as his drawings for U.A. Fanthorpe’s Christmas Poems, NICK WADLEY’s illustrations include those to accompany prose and poems by Robert Walser, Tom Whalen, John Ashbery, Simon Perchik (2002-07), and for Michael Aalders’ Out to lunch in Provence (2007). He has exhibited in London, Buenos Aires and Warsaw.


For U.A, In Cornwall

That it should be you -
Whose laugh,
Famously infectious,
Was worth a fortune
In any audience;

Whose scholarship,
So carelessly worn,
Amazed everyone
Who heard you;

Whose wit
Came from all directions,
sudden and unexpected as spring;

That it should be you -
Whose wisdom should have advised you better;

Whose sense
of self-preservation is so frail
You still can’t see

How you’re wasted on me.


Cover illustration: Nick Wadley
Publication: September 2007 (64 pages laminated paperback) with Enitharmon Press.
ISBN 10: 1904324479, ISBN 13: 9781904324478.