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Selected Poems
Poems by U. A. Fanthorpe

Selected PoemsSelected Poems, containing the best from U.A. Fanthorpe’s three Peterloo collections Side Effects (1978), Standing To (1982) and Voices Off (1984), is published simultaneously in paperback in the King Penguin series.

‘. . . a new and original voice in English poetry: clear, distinctive, and remarkably assured . . .’
Charles Causley / Arts South West

‘Who, though, will move you, going straight for the emotions? Unhesitatingly, I name U.A. Fanthorpe as the poet who can suddenly hit you below the heart.’
Robin Lane Fox / Financial Times

‘Poetry of intuitive intelligence; a massive achievement.’
Sarah Peel / City Limits

‘She is an erudite poet, rich in experience and haunted by the classical past. Though Charon and Sisyphus and Alfred have walk-on parts . . . she is fully at home in the world of the turbulent NHS, the decaying academies, and all the draughty corners of the abandoned Welfare State.’
Peter Porter / Observer

‘Her poems are particularly good when they offer unaffected voices from a gallery of human types that do not usually figure in poetry.’
George Szirtes / Times Literary Supplement

‘A consummate, a mistress of what she’s doing.’
Anthony Thwaite / Critics’ Forum, BBC Radio 3

‘Both the poet and the publishers by now have a First Division look about them.’
Robin Bell / Spectator


Weather Map

The island, from Wight to wrath,
Thumbed blank as innocence.

All that is left, the faithless
Unfailing sea, common land
Of the winds. Nobody left
To register tides, compute gale force,
Read and transmit clouds’ delicate
Incessant early warning.

The winds will wander, unwatched, unremarked,
Down parishes we nodded at, cosily,
After the news, before the new world.
Fuming along their provinces they go,
Fair Isle and Forties,
Dogger, Bight, Humber,
Thames, Dover, Portland,
Sole Finisterre.

And not a hair to float upon the breeze.


Cover illustration: detail from the vignette of the Weighing of the Heart of the scribe Ani from his Book of the Dead papyrus. By courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum.
Publication: APRIL 1986 (124 pages hardback).
ISBN 10: 0905291751, ISBN 13: 9780905291758.