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Poems by Gordon Mason


Gordon Mason was born in London in 1937. After National Service he taught English for 12 years before becoming Advisor for English in Somerset (1978-1990). He took early retirement in 1990 to become a full-time writer. During the period he was Advisor for English he wrote many articles on the teaching of English for the national press and, over a fifteen year period, ran many Creative Writing courses for teachers in North Yorkshire, Somerset, Clywd, and at Ty Newydd in North Wales.

Gordon Mason’s poems have appeared widely in leading magazines in the U.K. and he has won major prizes in such competitions as the Observer / Arvon, Blue-Nose, and Sunk Island Poetry Competitions. He has published two earlier collections: Eye To Eye (Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts, 1980) and Stone Circle (First Writes, 1997). Fault-Lines is his first Peterloo collection.


A Trick of the Light

After the storm of making love, the stillness -
As when petals from an overloaded-bloom
Fall softly taking a little of the air

Down with them. That was long before Life,
And Responsibility, and Wife. And long before
The pretence it would last forever.

Did we say forever. Did we. How could we.
Everything is much more hit-and-miss
Than we live our lives according to.

What we saw was only a trick of the light,
A chance event we had the luck to see -
Like the clock’s minute-hand as it reached the hour.

Strange this self-delusion then.
And stranger still how resolution, when we met,
Fell slowly apart, like the petals of an overloaded-bloom.


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Cover illustration: Book of Hours (Use of Rome) with calendar, Flemish c.1500. Folio 7 (July) Reaping corn (detail). Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
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