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Poems by Kenneth Steven


Wildscape brings together some of Kenneth Steven’s best known poems from 20 years of writing. It forms a journey through the year comprising poems from Highland Perthshire and the Hebrides in particular, for it is the people and places of these two parts of Scotland that have defined the bulk of his writing. Six of his collections of poetry have appeared to date.

Kenneth Steven has written a number of books for children and several novels. He translated the Nordic Prize-winning Norwegian novel, The Half Brother, and is involved in the making of programmes for BBC Radio both north and south of the border. A Requiem for St Kilda, a programme he made with the broadcaster Julian May, won the Sony Gold Award for a feature in 2006.

‘Enjoying your work intensely – style and subject’ Ted Hughes

‘There is in every poem some gleam or grain of that lost native country, Eden.’ Kathleen Raine

‘. . . this poet is a worthy successor to such greats as George Mackay Brown, Iain Crichton Smith and Norman MacCaig. Like them, he celebrates Scotland past and present without the least trace of sentimentality.’ Sandra G. McGruther



Is this place really nearer to God?
Is the wall thin between our whispers
And his listening? I only know
The world grows less and less -
Here what matters is conquering the wind,
Coming home dryshod, getting the fire lit.
I am not sure whether there is no time here
Or more time, whether the light is stronger
Or just easier to see. That is why
I keep returning, thirsty, to this place
That is older than my understanding,
Younger than my broken spirit.


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Cover illustration:  ‘A Wolf’ by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska 1891-1915. Drawing on paper. © Tate, London 2007
Publication: SEPTEMBER 2007 (56 pages laminated paperback).