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Poems by David Sutton


David Sutton  was born in Hemel Hempstead in 1944. He was educated at Hemel Hempstead Grammar School and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. From 1966 to 1998 he worked as a computer programmer. Married, with three sons and one daughter, he lives in Woodcote, South Oxfordshire. New and Selected Poems 1965-2005 is the author’s own selection of his oeuvre spanning 40 years and six volumes. It includes 14 new poems.

‘What it achieves trancends labels, reworking pastoralism’s enduring vein of humane attentiveness in a thoroughly contemporary setting.’ - John Mole, on A Holding Action, in Acumen.

‘He has a Larkinesque talent for hitting of the private, reflective contact with his environment with grace and exactitude.’ - Johnathan Raban, London Magazine

‘It is good to come upon a poet, David Sutton, who can write with great skill of personal relationships and evanescent moments of insight which are contained by their form.’ - Elizabeth Jennings, Catholic Herald

‘His effects are achieved through a supreme mastery of and loyalty to the traditional English verseforms, which never extinguish his individual voice.’ - Shirley Toulson, British Book News

‘Flints is one of the most enjoyable collections I’ve read for a long while.’ - Herbert Lomas, London Magazine


A Candle For Mr Sokolowski

Mr Sokolowski cut hair
In a one-room shop, with till and toiletries,
Chairs and a tall bright mirror. This lit cave
Was Mr Sokolowski’s life, this floor
He cleared of its soft sweepings, endlessly,
And these still heads, like heads in prayer, that he
Addressed so fluently, with flashing scissors
And barber’s talk, like candle-ends, relit
Smiling for each new customer:
The match on Saturday, children, the weather.

Who was Mr Sokolowski? Once
A customer spoke of his fussy child:
‘Eats nothing’. Mr Sokolowski’s eyes
Altered then, I saw it in the mirror.
‘You get hungry, eat damn anything.
Ate rat in Russia. Some, worse thing than rat.’
Snip. Snip, snip. The customer’s reflection
Nods a surprised and meaningless agreement
And Mr Sokolowski smiles once more:
‘So, what you think for game on Saturday?

Mr Sokolowski shut up shop
Years ago; retired; some seaside place.
Must be dead now: even survivors die
To dream no more of cutting hair, the weather,
The match on Saturday, or other things.


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Publication:  SUMMER 2005 (147 pages laminated paperback)
Poems by David Sutton