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WEBB, Christine

After Babel



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Poems by Christine Webb


Christine Webb was born and brought up in Newark in Nottinghamshire. She has worked as a teacher in Kent, the West Midlands, Berkshire and inner and outer London, and now lives in Buckingham with her partner of many years. After Babel is her first collection.

After Babel shows Christine Webb’s humour and humanity. These poems are witty, heart-warming and, occasionally, heart-breaking. A fresh new voice.” - Jackie Kay


Nominal Aphasia

(Nominal aphasia is a condition in which the nouns - but not necessarily other types
of words - cannot be accessed by the brain)

They are driving away from me
down the where they came from earlier
to visit me here in this
where I am

And cannot think of how to get away
or how I would manage
now that the
I had so easily once
have vanished from my
where they were always there ready
to roll off my long pink moist
where I keep it in my
where I eat and spit

Others such as wake shit sleep
have stayed but not the what
we all used in the old
the before
the before this happened

So perhaps they won’t come again to see me
now I can’t find the
whatever they were we always called them
to talk


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Cover illustration: The “Little” Tower of Babel, c.1563, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Rotterdam Museum Boymans-van Beuningen
Publication: SUMMER 2004 (76 pages laminated paperback)