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WILKIE, Pamela

In the Lexicographer’s Bedroom



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Poems by Pamela Wilkie


Pamela Wilkie shared Cambridge supervisions with Antonia Byatt and Sylvia Plath, after which she went far - to Algeria, Brazil, Madagascar, The Philippines, and Washington D.C., where she qualified and worked as a speech-language pathologist. She returned to Britain in 1986 for family reasons, and began to write in the bracing airs of Brighton and then Edinburgh. Over many years she has lived from time to time in Italy.

Pamela Wilkie's first full collection, Voyager, was published by Peterloo Poets in 1997. Poems within it have appeared in various leading national magazines and newspapers and have won prizes in major competitions.

’Pamela Wilkie's Voyager is excellently idiosyncratic company on a mystery tour. She can make serious fun out of tinnitus, noses or the quirks of evolution. She looks at tail-less lemurs and a small child crawling backwards and asks ‘Is Evolution wearing off?’ Tough-minded repartee grows out of intelligent and humane observation . . . Lines hit and perplex like Zen koans. There's something Donne-like about her wittily exact compassion and her voracious scope. Bon Voyage!’
Cliff Forshaw, Orbis


In the Lexicographer's Bedroom

Letters scramble out of the books on her shelves,
leap into the air and settle on her pillow -
an impertinent P, a dubious Q, a regal R
jostle for room at the typeface of her forehead;
an S is at her ear, a T at her throat -
her fuddled hands scrabble to clear them away.

How long since she set out along the A road,
or that brilliant summer when she first embraced B -
and moved on, months later, cruelly perhaps, to C . . .
towards the far harbour with its longed-for lights -
X and Y, and the ultimate haven of Z.


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