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Poems by Caroline Carver


Caroline Carver grew up on a remote sugar plantation in Jamaica. She also lived in Bermuda, and spent half her life in Canada before moving to Cornwall in 1989. She won the 1998 National Poetry Competition and has won, or been placed in, several other competitions. Jamaica remains the most powerful influence in her writing. Her first collection, jigharzi an me, published by Semicolon in 2000, was written entirely in her childhood patois which also recurs in many of the poems in this her second collection.

‘This is a dazzling debut.’
Dickon Abbot, reviewing jigharzi an me in Acumen


Why Doctor’s Wind Blow Only In De Day

yes every morning
doctor’s wind
blow cool from de sea

blow’ way de breath
of de bad time men
slave whipping men

oh yessir men
digging de corpses
in de quicklime night

doctor’s wind clean
like de lord himself
come to de mountain

and as evening fall
and hummingbirds dip
from de sweet sweet flowers
one mo’ time

and las’ light of day
catch St. Catherine’s Peak
cling dere one shining moment
counting de las’ of de hot wing flies

den doctor’s wind
dry tear from me eye
cool de cheek
of de sick sick chile


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Cover photo: ‘Cormorants in the Gulf of St. Lawrence’ by Bruce Litteljohn, Watershed Images Etc.
Publication: December 2005 (72 pages laminated paperback)