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Edited by Harry Chambers


A new Peterloo venture, introducing six exciting new poets: Donna Dickenson, Stephen Duncan, Tony Roberts, Raymond Tallis, Brian Waltham and Maureen Wilkinson – an American-born Open University tutor who has written a well received critical biography of Emily Dickinson, a practising sculptor who writes a sequence of love poems to a baby son, a teacher of English who feels strongly the contemporaneity of historical events, a Professor of Geriatric Medicine who believes that the music of poetry is semantic rather than phonetic, a maritime lawyer with a special affection for Louis MacNiece who describes himself as “a Sunday poet with a bit of Monday”, and a painter with a small holding who attributes the character of her perceptions to acting as the ‘eyes’ for a father blinded when she was a child. Each poet is represented by a prose statement on his or her own poetry (or poetry in general) and by at least twelve pages of poems each. Peterloo Preview anthologies will appear annually.


from Transit
by Brian Waltham

Motoring on country roads you still see them;
Half a mile of wall, stone gateway crested in a statement,
Parkland, beeches and paddocks, the right cattle,
Woods arranged as furniture and somewhere in the house.

And somewhere the years, rough headstone and
Family vault, the owning and the owned,
Death come easy and the beautiful children.
Those who owned the seasons, tenanted winter,
Let the primrose happen and the Maundy money,
Or called in tithes across the parchment . . .


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Cover  illustration: Woodcut after Bertall from Texier, Tableaux de Paris (1852-1853)
Publication: NOVEMBER 1988 (96 pages laminated paperback)