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CHAMBERS, Harry (Ed)

Peterloo Preview 2



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Edited by Harry Chambers


The poets represented in Peterloo Preview 2 are: Robert Hull, an ex-tennis professional who has written Behind the Poem (Routledge, 1988), an acclaimed study of children’s writing; Michael Laskey, co-ordinator of the 1st Aldeburgh Poetry Festival (1989) and joint winner of the 1988 Poetry Business Pamphlet Competition; Neal Mason, a self-employed writer living in Wales whose plays and stories have been broadcast on radio; Mark Roper, an Englishman who has been living in Ireland for some years and a founder-member of the Waterford Writers’ Workshop; Rosamund Stanhope, a wartime radio mechanic in the W.R.N.S. who trained for the stage and for teaching drama and whose legs have been partially paralised since breaking her back in 1963; and Pamela Stewart, an American who has been living in Cornwall and who writes because she cannot draw. Peterloo Preview anthologies will appear at intervals of two years.


The Lapsing, Unsoilable, Whispering…
by Rosamund Stanhope

The lapsing, unsoilable, whispering
sea totes sewage, urban waste
sludge from Landore
Margam’s effluent, stink and rust
scoriae, beachcombings, orts, litter.

In Bathurst Street yobs bawl. The night air’s
all pitch and twine, the lewd smell
of patchouli and woman.
Maybe there’s a case
for putting the blarney on,
seeing the stars in a puddle.


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Cover  illustration: Copper engraving from G.P. Harsdörfer: “Frauen-zimmer Gesprechspiele / Anderer Theil” (Nűrnberg 1657).
Publication: AUTUMN 1990 (96 pages laminated paperback)