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Facing Demons



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Poems by Ann Alexander


Ann Alexander, who lives in Cornwall with her husband and daughter, worked as an advertising copywriter in London for many years, and lately taught advertising skills at Falmouth College of Arts. She uses the copywriter's spare, accessible language to take you on a disturbing journey through the "dark alleys" of the world and the heart.

She writes with energy, honesty and wit, finding her demons in the newspapers, on television, and in the ephemera of everyday experience.

Facing Demons is Ann Alexander's first collection of poetry. Poems within it have won The Frogmore Prize, 2000 and Third Prize in the Peterloo Open Poetry Competition, 2001.


Didn't hurt

I remember the moment when
I gave up hitting my child.

She was two years old.
She was roaring wild.
It was midnight, toad cold,

And oh, I was desperate. Aching tired,
though tired is hardly the word
for the flaking
disintegrating state I was in.

If you don't shut up, I said,
I'll give you a smack.
She didn't. I did. Crack.

She wouldn't cry. There were no tears.
Instead she looked at me as if
I were her bitter foe. She said:
Didn't hurt.

So I hit her again, only harder.
Still no tears. Her eyes stretched wide.
Didn't hurt, she cried.

Her little voice, so small, so tough
stopped my raised hand. Enough.
I saw the future; endless blows,
endless defiance down the years.
The hitting and hating, hands and words.

It hurt. I wept.
I asked forgiveness, and she slept.


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Cover illustration: John Laford, "Spirit Within Ourselves"
Publication: AUTUMN 2003 (80 pages laminated paperback)