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EDKINS, Anthony

Worry Beads



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Poems by Anthony Edkins


Worry beads are things Greeks handle to prevent their worrying about things. Anthony Edkins, using as his Worry Beads what could be called syllabic sonnets, offers us, not so much a sequence as a set of poems thematically allied – and the theme is a large one: quotidian life, qualified by snatches of nostalgia and intimations of mortality.

Anthony Edkins was born in Cheshire in 1927 but, except for five-year spells in both Spain and the U.S.A., he has lived in London since 1950. His poems have been published on both sides of the Atlantic; he also translates from the Spanish, and has been the co-editor and translator of The Poetry of Luis Cernuda (New York University Press).


This Self

This self that I inhabit is my self.
I should be master in it, as secure
as leaseholder with ninetynine year lease
and yet it often seems to me more like
a quaint museum piece in some ghost town
through which I tread with extreme care in case
I raise the dust or dead, or awaken
some unexpected sleeping chimera.
But these unquiet spirits I defer to
are my own nostalgic familiars
who should be subject to my self.
I must people it again with substance
and dismiss my self-appointed suitors
before I’m exiled to the realms of myth.


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Publication: 1976 (36 pages laminated paperback)